Prepare for a spooktaculair Halloween

Each year Halloween keeps getting more popular in and outside the UK. People dress up, go trick-or-treating and houses are turned into decorated haunted mansions. In this article, we dedicated ourselves to the traditions of Halloween.

Dress up time!

Everyone will agree that Halloween isn’t complete without a costume, right? Halloween costumes tend to follow big events from earlier that year, for example, a movie release or perhaps a royal wedding. According to Cosmopolitan UK, you will definitely be seeing some Mamma Mia! costumes, people dressed up like Tonya Harding or 90s icons like the Spice Girls. Not feeling these characters? A flower costume will always do you good! Below you’ll find some flower costume inspiration.


DIY: Jack O’ Lantern

Everyone probably knows this classic: carving a pumpkin for Halloween. Never done it before? We’ll give you some tips to ensure you of a nice jack o’ lantern which will last longer:

  • #1: Get a pumpkin with a greenish stem. In this way, you ensure yourself of the freshest one
  • #2: Wait with carving until you’re ready to display, and work fast once you start
  • #3: Leave the top on to make sure your pumpkin stays moisturised
  • #4: Scoop everything out to prevent your pumpkin from getting mouldy
  • #5: Use electric light instead of candles, otherwise the heat will cook your pumpkin

You can also use a Jack O’ Lantern as an indoor autumn air refresher. To do so, sprinkle the inside with – for example – cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves. Just think about the lovely smell it will produce…

Looking for pumpkins but don’t know where to find them? Go take a look at your local florist. You have a good shot at finding some great ones there.


Flowers for Halloween

It’s maybe not the most typical Halloween gift, but that makes the surprise even more special. A beautiful flower bouquet in autumnal colours is always a nice gift and fits the Halloween vibe well. See some examples of our Florismart Florists below.


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