Quiz: Which Valentine’s Day bouquet should you buy for a loved one?

Gone are the days of only buying red roses for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Your love deserves the time and effort spent on choosing an arrangement that perfectly suits their personality. Whether they like to spend their time scrolling through social media or prefer to take a walk in a national park, this quiz will tell you which gift bouquet will make them happiest.


Make this Valentine’s Day special by choosing the best bouquet, brought to you by your source for local florists, FlorismartUK. To find out which suits your loved one best, tally up your A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s and E’s, and the majority should point you in the right direction.


1.     What drink are they most likely to order at the bar?

a.     A craft IPA

b.     They don’t mind, as long as they have their reusable straw

c.     A G&T

d.     A berry flavoured cocktail

e.     Red wine


2.     What would be their ideal dream date?

a.     Instagram-able pop-up bar

b.     Window shopping at a vintage flea market

c.     Visiting the latest art exhibition

d.     Home-made picnic in the park, with strawberries and bubbly

e.     Candlelit dinner at a cosy restaurant


3.     How would you catch their eye?

a.     Sliding into their DM’s

b.     Lobbying against fracking

c.     Talk loudly about your capsule wardrobe

d.     Recite ‘The Notebook’

e.     Hold the door open for them


4.     What colour best describes them?

a.     Coral

b.     Green

c.     Grey

d.     Pink

e.     Red


5.     What are you most likely to see in their dream house?

a.     A vintage camera and a poster of David Hockney’s ‘Pool’

b.     Upcycled furniture, peace lilies, and second-hand finds

c.     White walls, stainless steel, and a statement piece of furniture

d.     Cosy throws, cushions, and scented candles

e.     Gilded mirrors, mahogany and a fireplace


6.     Taking a look at their Instagram, you find mostly…

a.     Flat-lay photos of candles, books and a soy flat-white

b.     Green plants, their favourite landscapes and marching placards

c.     Clean lines and geometric shapes

d.     Vintage tones and inspirational quotes

e.     Their pets, old family photos, and snaps of their food


7.     The person they are most likely to admire or look up to is…

a.     Kylie Jenner

b.     David Attenborough

c.     Marie Kondo

d.     Elizabeth Bennet

e.     Meghan Markle


8.     You never see them without…

a.     Their smart-phone

b.     Their Keep-Cup

c.     Their journal

d.     Their diary

e.     Their scarf


9.     They would be happiest to receive…

a.     A ticket to Coachella

b.     Sponsorship for an endangered species

c.     Nothing, sentimental things have no purpose

d.     A hand-written personal poem

e.     Jewellery

The results

A)    The ‘Millennial’


B)    The ‘Eco-warrior’


C)    The ‘Minimalist’


D)    The ‘Romantic’


E)    The ‘Classic’


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