Surpassing the obvious: Romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day

Want to try something different for Valentine’s Day? We have made a list of romantic flowers that are perfect for sweethearts. This list, however, does not contain a single rose…

Valentine’s flowers Dianthus
Valentine's flowers

Deep Dianthus love

Consider Carnations as your ultimate Valentine’s flower for instance. Red Carnations are a great substitute for red Roses. Red Carnations symbolise deep love and admiration. If that doesn’t say ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ we don’t know what will. They have a nice price tag and last quite long, which is also a big plus.

Happy flowers

Does your secret love have a cheerful personality? Let his or her sunny side be reflected in your choice of flowers by giving them a Gerberas or Germinis. ‘The symbolism of the Gerbera is the simple beauty of a very happy life’, according to So where’s the romantic meaning of this flower you might ask? Well, the red Gerberas or Germinis symbolise ‘fully immersed in love’, while the pink varieties symbolise admiration and adoration.

Valentine flower
Valentine flower

Gracious Lilies

Some (secret) lovers deserve the beauty of the always gracious Lilies. Lilies symbolise love, purity and femininity among other things. Did you know that the Greeks and Romans used to give their brides crowns made of Lilies? These crowns were given with the hope of a pure and fruitful life.

Devoted Alstroemeria

Do you want to express your undying love to that special someone this year? Then the Alstroemeria is your to go to flower because it represents devotion. This romantic flower has long-lasting petals and multiple blooms per stems, which is great if you want to add some volume to your Valentine’s bouquet.

Valentine’s flowers anthurium
Valentine's flowers

Romantic Anthuriums

Another Valentine’s flower inspiration is the Anthurium. This heart-shaped flower looks like it’s made especially for this romantic day. Go for the red or pink variety to add that extra bit of romance to your bouquet.

The passionate Tulip

We conclude this list with one more Valentine’s flower suggestion: the Tulip. This typical Dutch flower is not as down to earth as you might think. The Tulip symbolises an undying passionate love and a perfect enduring love. It is not entirely surprising that the red Tulip is the best choice if that is the message that you are going for.


Whether you’re thinking outside of the (heart-shaped chocolate) box this year or not;  find the perfect bouquet for your Valentine on our local Florist Finder.

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