No red roses and no supermarket bouquets – the rules to follow if you want sex this Valentine’s Day

Research commissioned by Florismart, has uncovered how flowers can help you get steamy under the sheets this February 14th. Read on to see the results of the survey.

The study, which surveyed 2000 Brits around the country, has revealed that one in three (36.8%) of us say we are more likely to have sex with our partner if they bought us flowers on Valentine’s Day.

However, it’s not just any old flower Brits want. Majority of women (70.6%) say they don’t want red roses, with less than a quarter (23.4%), choosing them as their flower of choice. This red-rose-revelation might come as a shock to blokes around the UK, with more than half (55%) of men saying they’ll buy their partner red roses on the big day.

When it comes to quality, women are not going to be impressed by a quick trip to the garage forecourt – with most (62.7%) women saying they’d like their flowers bought from a local florist. Only 15.4% of women were happy to be bought a bunch of flowers from the supermarket. Less than 1% said they’d be happy with flowers from an online flower retailer.


The findings of the research come as great news to Florismart who, with the British Florist Association, are looking to raise awareness of the independent floristry industry and encourage Brits to buy from their local high street florist this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re not sure if you need to buy flowers this February 14th, the research makes this simple – confirming that if you have been dating someone 41 days – you are expected to front up with a bouquet. In fact, almost a third (31.6%) of women believe a man should buy a woman Valentine’s flowers if you have been dating for a week or less.

Florismart hopes these new discoveries will help drive more business to local florist shops and encourage people to put more thought into the process of selecting their Valentine’s Day bouquet.


CEO of Florismart, Steve France says:
“It’s great to see that so many people are hoping their bouquets will be made by a skilled florist this Valentine’s Day.

“Our research shows that buying a £20 bunch from a supermarket isn’t going to get you very far in impressing your loved one this Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to see why too – It’s been manufactured on a conveyor belt and just one of thousands. There is nothing special about that.

“There’s an unfortunate misconception that bouquets from high street florists are expensive, but the reality is the price difference is minimal – it’s definitely not as much as people think.

“When you buy flowers from the big e-flower sites, they take a 40% commission on their orders and so you receive very little flowers.”

“When you buy direct from your local high street florist your money goes directly towards quality long-lasting flowers and the expertise of the florist, there is no middle-man taking a cut.”


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