Say yes to the flower dress

There are endless possibilities for florists to show their creativity. From amazing wedding decorations to wedding bouquets or a stunning Valentine’s design. But did you ever think of something very out-of-the-box? Like a dress made out of real flowers?! Read on and get inspired!

Flower accents

We are all familiar with floral headpieces but there are so many more ways to wear flowers during your wedding day. You don’t actually have to wear a dress made out of flowers, you can also just add some flower accents to the dress of your dreams.

Source: praisewedding

If you don’t want to add flowers to your dress, there are other ways to impress.  Another floral possibility to shine on your big day is adding some flower jewellery or accessories to your look.

flower dress
Source: praisewedding

The perfect flower dress

Some people just can’t get enough of flowers. So why don’t wear a dress completely made out of flowers on your wedding or another special occasion?  Go for a (wedding) dress made out of flowers and no one will ever forget your wedding day!




Flowers on the runway

Or you can just wear a massive bouquet dress like Gigi Hadid did during the Moschino fashion show in Milan.

The story behind this dress is that a boy who dated Gigi Hadid sent her a massive bouquet of roses for her birthday which almost crushed the poor delivery man. During the fashion show in Milan, Gigi outdid him by literally dressing like a human-sized bouquet designed by Jeremy Scott.

flower dress