Square foot gardening, try it yourself!

Know what you eat: a well-known trend recognised by many. This popular concept has evoked a trend that enables people to grow their own food, however small or big they live. Square foot gardening is easy, inexpensive, and foolproof.

The concept has been developed by Mel Bartholomew, and very popular ever since they started. It basically is a shallow wooden box with mixed soil, divided in a grid. In these separate squares you can plant flowering plants, herbs, and/or vegetables.

If you offer grown fruits, herbs, or vegetables in your shop you could advise your customers to start square foot gardening, as the plants you sell them will stay alive much longer when planted in soil. People like the fact that they ‘harvested’ their own vegetables and herbs, so sell it to them.

If you are keen on giving it a go yourself you can start browsing the Internet, as there are countless websites and communities sharing their tips & tricks about square foot gardening. The most original ideas are shared here, we’re sure it’ll inspire you. Mel Bartholomew has also written a few books about square foot gardening, and they provide information to get you started on the website as well.

Happy gardening!