Surprise someone with a floral workshop!

Are you tired of giving ordinary gifts like perfume, soap or gift cards? And can’t you think of any original gifts? Try a floral workshop! It’s not only a unique experience, but you also get to take home a one of a kind floral piece. Now that’s what we call original. Floral workshops come in many forms and themes; in this article, we’ll discuss some of our favourites.

floral workshop
floral workshop

Seasonal workshops

Whether it’s summer, autumn, winter or spring, each season offers more than enough workshops. Are you aiming for the ultimate summer flower crown or a stunning spring table centre? Nice to know: all required materials and refreshments are provided by your (local) florist. Get out of your comfort zone and discover what seasonal florals have to offer!

Featured workshops
– Summer flower crown workshop by Paragon Floral Design
– Spring floral workshop by Green Earth Flowers

Holiday-themed workshops

Florists offer plenty of themed workshops during the holidays. Think of Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter for example! Each holiday has its own customs. During Christmas, you will see a lot of wreath workshops and Easter is dominated by cute little basket arrangement workshops. Whereas creating beautiful hatbox arrangements is one of the most popular Mother’s Day workshops.

Featured workshops
– Easter flower basket arrangement by Vicki’s Floral Designs
– Christmas door wreath by Jacqui O

floral workshop
floral workshop

Botanical workshops

Not very fond of flowers, but still want to challenge your creativity? Try one of the on-trend botanical workshops. Build your own terrarium, for example, using an array of succulents, cacti and other materials. The florist hosting the workshop will guide and support you along the way.  You will – without a doubt – return home satisfied with a botanical creation of your own.

Featured workshops
– Create your own indoor garden by Florian the Florists
– Build your own terrarium by Porto’s Flowers

Hand-tied workshops

Learn from the expert – During a hand-tied workshop, a florist will teach you everything you need to know about flowers, in order to create your own floral masterpiece. You will be using a beautiful selection of flowers and plants and often get tips on how to condition them as well. You will leave, not only with your own hand-made creation but also with lots of new-found knowledge. A win-win!

Featured workshops
– Hand-tied workshop by The Garden Studio
– Hand-tied bouquet workshop by The Flower Farm


Curious about the range of workshops available in your (local) area? Use the local Florist Finder on our homepage and find your own favourite!

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