What will Meghan’s bridal bouquet look like?

Tomorrow the 19th of May, Meghan Markle can officially say “I do” to Prince Harry. We can’t wait to see the Royal Wedding Bouquet. Our in-house florist, Katie-Jane owner of The Garden Studio, couldn’t wait either and predicted what Meghan’s bouquet will look like.

Mostly white and round-shaped

We already know that Meghan and Harry have chosen Philippa Craddock to create the floral arrangement for their big day. They also have chosen to embrace the British flower trade for their wedding which will be a boost for the industry. But what Meghan Markle’s wedding bouquet will look like is still a mystery until Saturday morning.

Katie-Jane predicted that her bouquet will be mostly white and will include Peonies, Garden Roses, Lily of the Valley, Astrantia, Ranunculus and Sweet Peas. She also said that there will be a touch of Myrtle as all past royal bouquets have had. The Myrtle is cut from the same plant used for Queen Victoria’s Bouquet. Furthermore, Katie-Jane thinks that the bouquet will be round-shaped and ensure it’s large and loose enough to show off all of the flowers.

Royal wedding bouquet
Predicted Royal Wedding bouquet by Katie-Jane
Royal wedding bouquet

The meaning of the flowers

Of course, we are curious about the meaning behind each flower in Meghan’s predicted bouquet. Katie-Jane told us all about it.

Peonies symbolise honour, romance and beauty. They add a luxurious feeling to any display and Katie-Jane thinks that we will see white peonies with a blush hint in Meghan’s bouquet, the church and the reception.

Lily Of The Valley
Sweetness and happiness are the meanings of the Lily of the Valley. It’s also the birth flower of May. Katie-Jane said “This super scented flower is as delicate as they come. It has so far been featured in most Royal wedding bouquets, so we can expect it in Meghan’s as well.”

The Astrantia can often be found in the garden and symbolises strength, courage and protection. Its off-white colour will add a natural wilder look to the bouquet.

The Ranunculus is all about charm. It’s often used to create whimsical and romantic bouquets. Meghan and Harry may choose brighter blooms for their reception but the bouquet will most certainly be white.

Sweet Peas
The meaning of Sweet Peas is blissful pleasure. They have very soft petals, a sweet smell, and will add a soft texture to Meghan’s bouquet.

White Garden Rose
These flowers pay homage to new starts and express hope for the future. In the past, the white rose symbolised innocence and purity. The white garden rose is very popular for the average bride, this is the must-have luxury bloom.


Are you curious to even more predictions regarding the royal wedding bouquet? Read all about it in the article in the Metro and Daily Express, written by our PR agent, Stand Agency.

Royal wedding bouquet
Predicted Royal Wedding bouquet by Katie-Jane
Royal wedding bouquet