Enjoy the tiny bouquet challenge | 6 lovely designs

Last week, our in-house florist Sharon Wilkinson raised awareness for the tiny bouquet challenge that has been trending on Instagram amongst our Florismart Florists. She created a teeny tiny beauty and challenged 3 fellow florists to do the same. The support from our skilled florists is amazing. That’s why we’ve displayed a few of the lovely designs below for you to enjoy!

tiny bouquet challenge
By Sharon Wilkinson | Florismart
tanith rowan fox-james
By Tanith Fox-James | The Flower Box

Currently, there are over 4000 florists worldwide that have taken on the challenge and posted their #tinybouquet on Instagram. If making such a little piece of art isn’t hard enough, try balancing it on your hand while making a picture ;). Apart from the mini bouquets, there is a whole world of #tinythings out there. But be aware while checking it out: it might become your new addiction!

tiny bouquet challenge
By Claire Cowling | Thrive Floristry
joanne brown X
By Joanne Brown | Six Ways Florists

Curious to see all of the teeny tiny designs made by our skilled florists? Check out our Instagram highlights and give us a follow (@florismartuk) to keep the inspirational flow of floral designs and flower knowledge coming!

helen X
By Helen Nicholson | Wildflower & Rose
tiny bouquet challenge
By Jacqui Owen | Jacqui O

This tiny bouquet challenge clearly emphasizes the skill that’s involved in creating these teeny beauties. We are very proud to show off how good florists are at what they do – they are true artists!

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