How to create the perfect floral interior?

Using flowers in your interior is perfect to liven up your home. Plus, many flowers have the benefit of having a lovely smell and improve your mood and concentration.  In this article, we are happy to share some tips with you to create the perfect floral interior with a maximum impact and minimal effort.

Know your interior

Knowing your interior is a very important first step. Do you have a traditional or classic interior? Then you should definitely go for roses. Orchids are perfect for modern looks and if you have a Scandinavian interior we suggest to use small and delicate flowers to add an even more ethereal touch. But it also really depends on how you display the flowers. You can choose for an arrangement with many beautiful and colourful flowers or keep it simple and just use single stems in small vases.

If you go for a complete arrangement ensure that each arrangement has a focus flower such as roses, tulips or lilies. These flowers will be the most important part in your design but you will also need filler flowers such as alstroemeria. Oh and don’t forget to add some foliage!

floral interior

The best spots to display your flowers

Many people use flowers in the most obvious places like kitchens and living rooms, but what about flowers in your home office for the ultimate mood booster? Or even in your bathroom to create a spa atmosphere!

It’s not only vases and flowers that you can use for your floral interior. Using your favourite items from around your home together with your flowers will add a very special look and feel to your interior.

floral interior

The right colours and a personal touch

When it comes to the colours of your flowers we suggest to choose colours which go great with the colours already present in your room. This creates a cohesive appearance. If your furniture has bright colours, choose one key colour for your flowers. If you have a minimal colour palette in your interior you should consider using bright flowers which will add warmth and energy. Something that can never go wrong is an interior with white flowers. It ensures a fresh, clean and relaxing atmosphere.

Anyway, don’t forget to keep it simple. One or two different colours with a nice selection of foliage will look great. The foliage will highlight the natural, organic beauty of your flower display.

Do you have many ideas and don’t know what to choose? Don’t worry! Fresh flowers are temporary so you can switch your interior very often.

floral interior
floral interior

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