Top 5 plant loving Instagram accounts

Are you crazy about plants, looking for some inspiration or wanting some tips to make your home plantastic? We went through the #urbanjungle of Instagram and found some accounts you should follow. The following top 5 Instagram accounts is a (green) pleasure to behold.

Homestead Brooklyn

Summer Rayne Oakes is a real houseplant guru. Her mission? “Reconnecting people to nature through the beauty of plants”. Besides, she does a lot of DIY projects, since a great part of her interior is made out of reclaimed or upcycled materials. Need inspiration for a new project? Follow @homesteadbrooklyn!


Leaf Supply

Looking for some inspiration? @leaf_supply collects many great pictures of stylish rooms covered in green. You’ll definitely gain some ideas there. They even have their own shop filled with plants and botanical wares. But since it is located in Sydney, we are stuck looking at their pictures to satisfy our plant-needs.


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