Valentine’s date inspiration | Botanical watchlist

Valentine’s Day is only a couple more days away. Have you ordered a beautiful Valentine’s bouquet at your local florist? Check! Accompanied by a thoughtful gift? Check! Longing for some Valentine’s date inspiration? Check!… Luckily, we’re here to help with our watchlist of films and series which revolve around the world of flowers – isn’t that a lovely gesture? Scroll down and go for it!

Valentine’s date inspiration

A little chaos

Swoon alert! When we say romance, you say… Paris. Although released in 2014, this romantic drama takes place in Versailles – just outside Paris – in the 17th Century. Two artists are bound to work on the huge project of building a garden for King Louis XIV’s Versailles Palace. They get romantically involved, but will their love hold up?

House of Flowers (La casa de las Flores)

This telenovela – or Latin American soap – revolves around a family-run flower shop in Mexico. Every episode is named after a flower – episode 1: Narcissus (symbol of lies), episode 2: Chrysanthemum (symbol of pain), episode 3: Lily (symbol of freedom) and so on. Expect lots of drama, secrets and, of course: lots of flowers! Delight yourself and your Valentine with the antics of the De la Mora family on this day of love.

American Beauty

Everyone who watched American Beauty will agree on one of the most iconic scenes: Lester’s imagination of Angela laying in a massive pile of Rose petals. Did you know that this classic Rose petal scene often served as an inspiration to others? The filmmakers of the Dutch film ‘Soof’ even recreated it with a big pile of vegetables (!). Are red Roses your favourite? Then watch American Beauty closely and you will notice them in almost every scene of the film.

popcorn movie

Big dreams, small spaces

Are you or your loved one looking to plant and grow the garden of your dreams? Get inspired by Monty Don’s reality TV show, where he supports England’s budding horticulturists fulfilling their floral wishes. The TV show covers 3 seasons – so start binge-watching!

Beauty and the Beast

Last but not least: another romantic film where one single red Rose is stealing the show. Who doesn’t remember the old and classic tale of Beauty and the Beast, where the Rose is actually vital in keeping the main character alive? Watch this classic love story with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day – romance guaranteed!


We hope that our Valentine’s date inspiration will help you on your way of creating a dream date for your special someone.  Haven’t found the time to visit your local florist? Find a florist near you via

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