Decorate your walls with a vertical garden

A natural way of decorating your walls, doesn’t that sound lovely? Vertical gardens are the perfect trend for all the plant-lovers out there. This trend provides multiple health benefits but moreover creates a stylish room with a touch of nature. Read on if you think that this trend is #plantastic.

verticale tuin

Become a Queen (or King) of Green

Green walls can be made out of all kinds of plants, both indoors and outdoors. The plants are inserted into a growing medium and then placed on the wall like a true piece of art. “But how on earth do you water a vertical garden?” I hear you think. Luckily, most living walls are designed with an irrigation system that automatically waters the plants. Handy!

Vertical garden

You don’t have to cover the whole wall to enjoy a vertical garden. You can also bring the outdoors inside with green decorations. Especially when you’re living in a small apartment or just because you like to keep it subtle. To inspire you, we added some pictures of great ways to embrace the outdoors. With the right eye for detail, it really becomes an artistic piece. A full-on green interior or a minimalistic look? It’s your call!

verticale tuin
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verticale tuin
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Green walls to the rescue

Green walls help the environment the same way that plants help the environment. They clean the air, reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and help reduce noise pollution. For people who want to enjoy these benefits, but are having doubts about the floor space involved: green walls are the solution! It’s like a (vertical) garden inside your home, office or workspace. And did you know that having plants in the work environment can help improve creativity?


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