Where would we be without flowers?

Flowers have been an important part of our lives for many centuries. Flowers are a symbol of love, beauty and a gift of nature and they make people happy and cheerful. So where would we be without flowers in our lives? We’ll tell you all about it in this article.

The perfect gift to express your feelings

The most important function that flowers have is their power to deliver an emotional message. Flowers express your feelings perfectly, but please keep in mind that almost all flowers have a different meaning.

For example, roses are a perfect way to express your love to someone. They express romantic love and desire. During the Renaissance, roses were associated with Venus’ immortal beauty. The scratches made by the roses’ thorns symbolised the wounds of love.

Special occasions

Flowers are used for many occasions, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and funerals. They can be customised to everyone ’s preferences which makes them different every time. Flowers at your wedding will make the day even more special. Can you imagine a wedding without flowers? While flowers on funerals are a perfect way of paying respect to someone with a beautiful floral tribute.

Mood influencers

Apart from expressing feelings and emotions, studies have shown that flowers are mood influencers. Beautiful flowers in a hospital room can reduce the stress of patients and improve their recovery.

wedding flowers
wedding flowers

Medicinal flowers

One of the greatest advantages of flowers is that some of them offer natural medicinal properties:

Soaking Begonias in hot water helps to eliminate headaches and to remove toxins from your body. The crushed flowers and leaves can also be rubbed directly on the skin to relieve pain and heal sores or burns.

Chrysanthemum is another useful flower. Drinking Chrysanthemum tea brings relief to those suffering from a fever, headache or common cold.

Roses are very safe for human consumption and contain Vitamin C. The petals can be eaten raw to increase blood circulation, and they also relieve depression. Do you want to improve your skin, especially on your face? Use a cream made of roses!

A tonic made of peonies is helpful as a muscle relaxant in cases such as muscular pain, cramps and menstruation discomfort.

medicinal flowers

Flowers & food

Flowers offer more to our planet than we actually realise. First of all, flowers feed the honey bee population responsible for promulgating food crops and many other animals eat flowers as well. But what about flowers as an ingredient for our own food? Flowers have been used for cooking for a very long time. You can think about flowers such as lemon, coriander, gardenia, marjoram and garlic chives.

Nowadays, people use edible flowers to give a fancy touch to their lunch, dinner or cocktail in a restaurant or during an event.

edible flowers
edible flowers

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